uPVC Door Repairs

When you have a faulty UPVC or Aluminium door, you need somebody who can repair your door without needing to replace it. Most issues with UPVC and Aluminium doors can be fixed by replacing or adjusting the handles, hinges, lock, glazing or panels.

Doors age. The locking mechanism fails. Typical reasons are wear and tear, alignment problems, or a mechanical defect or lack of lubricant.

Our UPVC door / Aluminium door repair services include

  • Fixing broken, worn or damaged hinges
  • Re-sealing / Replacing rubber seals
  • Realigning the door to the frame
  • Fixing damaged or discoloured door handles
  • Repair double glazing/door panels

When a door becomes difficult, the best solution is to call us. The more you force a uPVC door, where working metal parts grind and push together, the larger the part failure, and the more the cost to repair. Contact us now.

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